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Earthquake Update

Dear Friends,

It's only been five weeks since the assassination of our President, Jovenel Moise. Then on

August 14th a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the south end of Haiti. On top of that, just two

days later, hurricane Grace hit Haiti. 

Currently there are hundreds of people under the rubble. Three Departments (states) south of Haiti are 90% destroyed. The death toll is around 1,500 so far. People are without food, water, and other necessities. They were not ready for this to happen all at once. The government is unable to do anything. It’s raining heavily in the country. We don’t know for how many days it may continue.

We have many churches in this area that we work with. They’re destroyed and they've

requested help, but we are unable to do much because of COVID. Our unreserved funds

are low making it difficult to send food and medical supplies. Our own family has been

affected by the disaster. My wife has a nephew who died and another one is wounded.

We’re getting ready to travel to the south to bring support to the people. However, we need

emergency support to buy food, medicine, covers, tarps, and building materials.

If the Lord puts it on your heart to help Haitian Impact Christian Ministries (HICM), please do so! Checks can be mailed to HICM, P.O. Box 934, Hallsville, Texas 75650. Note on check “Haiti Relief Fund” and our forwarding agent will get us the funds. You also can send funds through PayPal by using our website.

Love in Christ,

Frantz Previl (Fan Fan)

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